Saturday, July 16, 2005

Cut and Paste Blogging

I'm trying to change the formatting here, but it doesn't show up when I republish. I'd also like to dump haloscan's comments now that blogger allows pop up comments. (I didn't realize that haloscan's comments became inaccessible after 4 months.) I don't really want to hack around with the code. I love languages and might have liked to be a programmer, but this is supposed to be a simple hobby.

Why does it require so much effort to modify these things? It's free ice cream, as Brad DeLong would say, and I shouldn't complain, but this is really a pain. Why can't I do this visually? Here's a bleg. Can anyone explain to me how I re-enable blogger's own comments but keep haloscan's trackback features? I'd really like to get the pop-up option to work. I even created a sample blog without haloscan comments, and it won't let the comments pop up, even though that's what I checked off or ticked, as the English would say. And in the thoroughly American sense, I'm pretty ticked off about that.


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