Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Feed Me

Lately I've been haunted by the aching, languid tones of the fractional anthem we've been using in church:

1. The bread which we break, alleluia,
is the communion of the body of Christ.

2. One body are we, alleluia,
for though many we share one bread.

So it's a particularly good time to think about the meaning of the Eucharist in the context of the lectionary. This Sunday we come to the feeding of the 5 thousand. Sarah Dylan Brewer who tackles the lectionary weekly with real gusto has a great meditation up. She counts three miracles, and the least is the multiplication of the loaves. The big two are that people were willing to sit down with eachother--even with the rabble and that they didn't worry about where the food came from, whether it was properly kosher.

I particularly like her characterization of Jesus as a party animal. I've been trying to find a paragraph to extract, but I can't decide what the money quote is. Just read it for yourself.

Somebody should invite this Maryland based webminstress to the Via Media conference they're threatening to hold this October. I think it's about values and vision or something like that.


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