Friday, November 25, 2005


Thanksgiving was lovely. I spent the day with my friend Cecilia and her in-laws and their extended cousins in Norwell on the South Shore. They had a gorgeous property which abuts the Norris Reservation. I brought my running shoes along, since we were planning to go for a walk along one of the trails. We were a bit late getting the hors d'oeuvres there and didn't manage to sit down to dinner until 3 or so. By the time we were finishing up, it was already getting dark.

And the grandmothers were delightful, even if they didn't care much for Latin. One of them much regrets that she isn't able to drink quite as many martinis as she used to. I've never been a huge fan of them myself, but I sympathize with her predicament completely.

Still, it was a wondeful meal. There was even sweet potatoes with marshmallows, and they were real sweet potatoes, the light pale yellow kind. I like yams--baked and topped with butter and brown sugar they're a real winter treat with a ham steak--but these sweet potatoes were mild and not too sweet. And there were four kinds of pies--squash, apple, mince and pecan. It was very good.

And there was a wonderfully cozy fire and a prefectly mixed gin and tonic to savor as things wound down. We loaded up the back of the Saab with firewood as we headed back to the city.


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