Tuesday, December 27, 2005

My wonderfully sneaky Aunt Martha

My aunt Martha is very sneaky. She sent my sister and me the exact same present--a small stainless steel flask that's perfect for carrying some coffee or soup and a bar of nice chocolate. It was beautifully wrapped in wonderfully patterned tissue paper and the card was hand-painted. She's a wonderfully talented water colorist--although she doesn't always think so. She's too shy to put her stuff out for sale; but, as she said to me, she goes to galleries and sees stuff for dale that isn't as good as what she does. So even if she doesn't think her work is very good, she might as well try to sell some of it. That's what she gave to all of her grandnieces and nephews.

Now, I was curious about the mini thermos. I wanted to see how it worked, and it's a good thing too--because, if I hadn't, I wouldn't have noticed the check inside.

UPDATE: I am now going to test out my flask/thermos with some of the Trader Joe's red pepper tomato soup. (The only link I could find was to a pdf.) It's delicious stuff.

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